How to Space Flowers & Ground Covers EvenlyHow to Space Flowers & Ground Covers Evenly

This flyer is designed to help you get a good coverage when planting bedding plants. If you set plants this far apart, here’s the area one flat will cover (plants per flat). For fast coverage, set in off set rows or in a diamond pattern. Read More

How To: Organic GardeningHow To: Organic Gardening

Looking to grow Organic fruits and Vegetables? Learn all about organic gardening, from how to grow an organic vegetable garden to how to keep your roses healthy without using chemicals. Here’s how to grow a organic garden. Read More

How To: Plant Roses From a Pot To SoilHow To: Plant Roses From a Pot To Soil

Dig a planting hole twice as wide and one and a half times the depth of the pot. Don’t know how to plant a plant a rose that’s in a pot to soil. Follow these instructions on how to do so. Read More

Ten Tips for Fall PlantingTen Tips for Fall Planting

Have a green thumb? Here are ten gardening tips to successfully create the backyard you’ve been looking for. Also these tips can help you get ready for seeding in the summer. Read More

Potting AdvicePotting Advice

Need some planting advice. Watch this short video for advice on re-potting plants from Mcshane. First and for most I recommend people choose a nice pot. For more information check out this article. Read More

How To: Make a Moss BasketHow To: Make a Moss Basket

Making a moss basket is easy and fun, fallow these steps to make usable and attractive moss pot! Moss hanging baskets are such a beautiful addition to any house, office, or garden. Read More

How To: Care For LadybugsHow To: Care For Ladybugs

When released properly, happy ladybugs will mate and lay eggs in your garden so you’ll only need to release them once! Don’t know the proper care for ladybugs? Follow these steps. Read More

The Benefits of Fall PlantingThe Benefits of Fall Planting

What are the benefits of planting in the fall? There is a false perception in the gardening world that fall is the end of the growing season. In fact, it is quite the contrary. Read More

How To: Care for your BonsaiHow To: Care for your Bonsai

In the art of bonsai a sense of beauty, patience, and good care are all needed. The plant, the shape of the plant, as well as the arrangements of soil choice of a container are important. Read More

Winter Garden PlannerWinter Garden Planner

Winter is very important to a garden planner. Whether you are planning a flower or a vegetable garden, time and consideration is needed. This will help give some fresh ideas to think about. Read More

Rain GardensRain Gardens

What to enhancing your home landscape and protecting water quality? A rain garden will allow the runoff generated on your property to infiltrate into the ground and help to reduce potential water quality problems. Read More

Poison OakPoison Oak

Got Poison Oak? There aren’t many things worse than working in the yard or playing outdoors and coming in contact with poison oak! In most cases, you don’t even know you have it until the rash and itching begins. Read More

Don't Let Jack Frost Nip Your GardenDon’t Let Jack Frost Nip Your Garden

Frost season along the Central Coast has officially arrived. The worst nights to worry about are going to be still, clear and cold. Are you getting frost on your plants? Here are some ways to help prevent that from happening. Read More

ow To: water plantsHow To: water plants

How do you know how much and when to water plants? Here is some information about soil and watering strategies that can help you grow a gorgeous garden. Healthy vibrant trees, shrubs and plants are all a sign of a well-tended yard. Read More

5 Essential Summer Garden Tips5 Essential Summer Garden Tips

Here is a list of some easy things to do to help keep your garden under control and looking good throughout the summer season. Read More

All About WaterAll About Water

We all know that water is an essential element of life, but when it comes to gardening and plants, the subject of water generates lots of questions. Read More

Basic Gardening TermsBasic Gardening Terms

There are a few basic gardening terms that everyone interested in growing plants should understand. It helps you know what they are talking about on the gardening shows and in the books. Read More

Watering TipsWatering Tips

Watering is a subject that seems simple and straight forward, however it can be quite tricky. How, when and how long you water your plants will have a major influence on their success. Read More

Calculating, Measuring and SpacingCalculating, Measuring and Spacing

As much as we all like to think all that math we had to go through in school would never apply to life, it often does in the garden. Read More

Gardening 101Gardening 101

The use of chemicals makes many of life’s little chores easier and more efficient. The price we pay for that ease and efficiency is the risk to our health and environment through the improper use of those chemicals. Read More

Gardening BasicsGardening Basics

In nature, dead or rotting vegetation, animal manure and decaying animal remains provide adequate nutrition for the soil.  As man removes the crops or gardens he grows, he must replenish the soil with organic material to maintain a healthy and productive soil.  It’s a simple concept.  You must replace what you take out.  Read More