Fertilizer is an essential part of growing plants. Plants will pull more fertilizer molecules, like nitrogen, phosphorus and potash, out of the ground than what is naturally supplied. In a garden where you grow vegetables or flowers, these plants typically consume large quantities of fertilizer, much higher amounts than nature can naturally supply.

In order for the plants to grow properly, they need the right amount of fertilizer available in the soil. If there is too little, growth may
be stunted and flowers and fruits may not develop properly. The plants could also be attacked by insects and disease. A plant which is fed well is often able to survive at a better fate than a plant in which is not fertilized.


Therefore we should all fertilize our plants to ensure they have enough food to grow on. Plants which are fertilized often are bigger, stronger and produce more fruits and flowers than plants which are not fertilized. There really are no disadvantages to fertilizing, and most home owners should fertilize plants.