CITRUS FOOD (12-8-4) – Citrus food is an organic base formulation for the home garden. It contains vital trace elements that assist in the development of fruit and blooms.

FRUIT TREE & VINE FOOD (12-4-8) – A granular blend of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium with 15% Sulfur. It’s formulated to encourage growth and quality fruit production and healthy vines.

F.S.T. – Contains 33% iron to help plants overcome yellow leaves. F.S.T. contains iron, sulfur manganese and zinc, which are essential micro nutrients for plant growth. F.S.T is recommended as a supple mental feeding to the normal fertilizer program to improve growth,fruiting.flowering and helps plants over come yellow leaves. It is especially helpful to citrus, gardenias and azaleas. It also helps lower soil pH.

MASTER BLOOM (0-0-10) – Feeding Master Bloom will further the development of sweeter fruit and greater resistance to extreme cold. It is recommended most for late summer and fall application for root and vascular development.

HYDRANGEA TRUE BLUE (51% Aluminum Sulfate) – Are you tired of that bland white Hydrangea? Put some pizzazz in your garden by putting in some True Blue. It is used to develop the deep blue color in Hydrangea flowers. It is safe for your garden and will even help to lower your soil pH.

CAMELLIA, AZALEA, GARDENIA FOOD (4-5-8) – An organic based all purpose food. It contains both ammoniac and organic nitrogen. In addition, it contains phosphoric acid, potash, iron, zinc, sulfur, calcium, and manganese. This stuff is great for acid-loving plants.

ROSEGROW MULCH – Rose Grow Planting Mix is a slightly acidic soil mix that contains just the right ingredients to get roses off to a good start.Even though it’s formulated to be well draining, we only recommend themixasasoil amendment, not as a stand-alone potting soil, It can also be used as mulch around most rose plantings.

FORMULA 49 (8-4-4) – Formula 49 is an organic base fertilizer especially formulated for western soils. It contains sulfur, iron, zinc. manganese, and organic material which provide all the needed trace elements. Formula 49 is a truly all purpose plant food.

GOLD RUSH – Gold Rush is a fir bark mulch and soil amendment containing 15% chicken manure. It conserves water and inhibits weed growth. Th is is great as a planting mix and soil builder.

PAYDIRT (3-2-1) – Paydirt isapremium organic soilbuilder andtopdressing containingchicken manure,gypsumand othersoilbuildingamendments. It provides the organic matter necessary to improve soil structure for superior plant performance.

MASTER START (5-20-10) – Master start is the perfect “starter fertilizer” recommended with all new planting and transplanting. It is formulated to supply adequate nitrogen to new planting and greater amounts of phosphorus and potassium to aid in the development of a strong root and stem structure.

ROOTMASTER – Rootmaster is not a fertilizer, but a root stimulant to prevent and overcome transplant shock. We recommend use on all new plantings for successful establishment.

DORMANT SPRAY (LIQUI-COP, SULF R, & STAY-STUCK OIL) – Dormant spray ing helps to keep destructive insect and diseases from over-wintering and infesting your fruit trees. Liqui-Cop can be used on all fruit trees. Sulf-R spray will work on all fruit trees except nectarines. An application of ultra-fine oil at the same time is recommended. This targets insects and improves the effectiveness of the other products. Two applications in the winter is recommended along the Central Coast.

EPSOM SALTS – Epsom salt corrects magnesium deficiencies insoils,cropsandhouseplants.Epsom salt works wonders fOT houseplants because the magnesium sulfate helps cleanse the soil of harmful salts that tend to accu mulate in the pots.

ALFALFA MEAL(2-0-3 ) – Alfalfa meal is an organic source of nitrogen and is nicely balanced with potassium.Its carbohydrates and protein make it an excellent soil conditioner by encouraging microbial activity in the soil.

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