Fountains Install and Delivery as the “music” of water enters your indoor or outdoor living spaces.  The purpose of this agreement is to cover the details behind what McShane’s can offer you in the purchase, delivery, installation and service of your new fountain.


Fountains come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. When

purchasing a fountain, be sure to look itover very thoroughly beforebuying.  You will want to make sure the color and finish are right for your taste.  You will also want to inspect for any damage.  McShane’s charges a re-stocking fee of 15% plus delivery if we need to pick it up.  Should you be buying from one of our catalogues, a 50% deposit is required in advance and delivery can take four to six weeks during the spring – fall season.   Pumps are NOT included in the price of the fountain, unless otherwise specified.  Depending on the size of the fountain, pumps can run anywhere from $40 to $400.00.


McShane’s is happy to deliver your fountain.  Depending on location, delivery pricing varies.  Please see an associate for details.  Delivery is guaranteed to the curb.  In most cases we’ll place the fountain components where desired (within reason).  This is only possible when the path to the location desired
is both safe and adequate for passage.  Depending on the size of the fountain, additional laborers may be needed for transport.  Each laborer is billed at $45 per delivery.


McShane’s is happy to install your fountain for a fee of 30% of the cost of the fountain.  This INCLUDES any plumbing material such as silicon sealer, pipe, hoses, clamps and / or adaptor fittings.   This DOES NOT include any grading or ground preparation needed ahead of time.  For your installation to go just right, you will need a LEVEL pad on which to place the fountain. You will also need a clear passage to transport the fountain to the desired location.  That is, your side yard and / or sidewalk must be free of obstacles / trees and / or debris.    Should leveling or any other physical labor be needed, additional labor is charged at the rate of $60.00 / per hour with a minimum of $20 for the first quarter hour.  Should our staff of professionals be unable to place the fountain, clients will be required to pay another delivery charge for each additional visit to perform the installation.  110V electricity will be needed to run most fountains.  McShane’s is NOT responsible for providing electricity to the fountain location.  Water will also be needed.  A nearby garden hose is usually adequate to fill your fountain.


Fountains require upkeep and maintenance.

Depending on the intensity of use, periodically, hoses, seal and pumps need servicing and maintenance.  We also recommend the regular treatment of the water with a product like “Fountec.”  This will help to control algae.  McShane’s offers a fountain repair and maintenance service to handle these needs.  We charge $60.00 per person per hour plus delivery (trip) charge and materials.  Depending on the size of the fountain, additional laborers may be needed to disassemble or move the fountain.  Each laborer is billed at $45 per laborer.

IMPORTANT DISLCAIMER: We cannot stress enough the importance of the preparation needed (on the client’s part) for a smooth installation.  That is, to clear a path to move the fountain and to level the ground where it will be placed.  Any additional work (leveling, moving, or other) will be billed at the rate of $60.00 per hour with a minimum of $20 for the first quarter hour.  Our installation has a 90 day service guarantee on our parts and labor.  All components are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty and are the responsibility of the client to pursue should there be any issues beyond 90 days.  In most cases manufacturer’s warranties are one year.

We appreciate your interest and your business.  Should you have ANY questions regarding fountains and their delivery, installation & service, please contact one of our sales associates for details at (831) 455-1876.

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