Caring for your PoinsettiaCaring for your Poinsettia

Caring for your poinsettia begins at the point of purchase. How to take care of a poinsettia. Have you ever bought a poinsettia during Christmas time, only to find it has wilted in a few days? Read More

Purify Your Environment with HouseplantsPurify Your Environment with Houseplants

Do you want to grow fresh air or clean healthy water? Houseplants can help purify your environments. Here ae some houseplants that can help do so.Studies show we spend 90% of our lives indoors. Read More

Cymbidum Orchid CareCymbidum Orchid Care

Don’t know how to care Cymbidum Orchid? Here are the steps to care for them Location and Light, Watering, Potting Mix, Dividing, and Transplanting, Fertilizing. Here’s a guide to show you how. Read More

Re potting House PlantsRe potting House Plants

Don’t know when to re-pot your house plants? To determine if your plant needs re-potting. You’ll find your answers here. The truth is that all potted plants will need re-potting eventually. Read More

How to care for your Phalaenopsis OrchidHow to care for your Phalaenopsis Orchid

Phalaenopsis (pronounced FAIL-EN-OP-SIS), is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful orchids, and probably the easiest to grow in the home. Don’t know how to care for Phalaenopsis Orchids? Find out how to do so in this article. Read More

Herbicide BasicsHerbicide Basics

The use of chemicals makes many of life’s little chores easier and more efficient. The price we pay for that ease and efficiency is the risk to our health and environment through the improper use of those chemicals. Read More


It isn’t necessary to turn your house or place of work into a tropical jungle to get the most from houseplants. In fact, just a few well-placed, well-grown houseplants can contribute a lived-in coziness to any room, whether it’s filled with Victorian clutter or spare, streamlined furnishings. Read More

How To: Grow Low Light House PlantsHow To: Grow Low Light House Plants

Indoor gardening isn’t as hard as it may seem. Most people think there aren’t many plants that will take minimal amount of light. But the truth is that such houseplants exist. Here is a brief list. Read More