The mission of McShane’s Interior Design Department is to create functional indoor spaces that reflect contemporary design practices displaying our client’s unique tastes in a wide variety of conditions with the highest level of beauty, form and function.”


Design is a critical step in getting your greatest return on investment when it comes to use of interior or exterior spaces. It is often overlooked or undervalued and as a result, clients find poor performing and / or under-utilized commercial or residential environments. This is where the trained professionals of McShane’s Nursery & Landscape Supply come in. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of design and prepared to offer a wide range of services ranging from hourly coaching and consulting to plans ready for construction. This handout defines design and outlines our services and the process involved.

Interior Design is one of the two design departments we have at McShane’s. Interior design is the service of planning and carrying out design for the interiors of homes, rooms, and offices, often including decorating for special events or needs.

Exterior (Landscape) Design is our second department at McShane’s. It is the process of evaluating exterior spaces for specific desires and needs associated with a home or commercial space. Through the careful selection of both plant and hardscaping materials, advice or even plans are set in place for a landscape or outdoor environment.

When going about design, clients have varied needs and budgets. Our professionals are well aware of this and offer the following range of services to choose from:

  1. Garden Coaching (exterior only): Often times clients only need a second opinion when it comes to their exterior spaces and landscapes. We are happy to visit your residential or commercial space and offer feedback and jot down some notes for you at the rate of $95 per hour. Drawings are not included in this service.
  2. Self Directed / In-house Design Services: This is the perfect option for smaller “do-it yourself” projects. This type of service is available in different ways depending on whether you need interior or exterior design services. Interior “self directed” design services are facilitated through a special secure website. Simply contact the nursery and we will walk you through the process. When it comes to exterior landscape design, we have special kits prepared that can be picked up or mailed. The kits will walk you through preparation of a design map, photos and a soil sample. Once complete, we will schedule an appointment with one of our design professionals. At your appointment, the designer will create a custom plan to take home and begin your own professionally – designed project. We recommend this design option for smaller spaces. This often includes planters, a small walkway or outdoor patio. It is not recommend for new construction, retaining walls or other projects involving land grading. The cost of this service is $75.00 per hour with a minimum of one hour. Most designs are completed in one to two hours.
  3. On-Site Design Services: McShane’s provides interior and exterior professional design services for both residential and commercial projects. Plans may include details for remodels and new construction. This can even include “interior-scaping” with plants. Our professionals prepare interior plans room by room with a common theme for the entire job. Exterior plans may include plants, patios, retaining walls, lighting, and irrigation. While sometimes clients will choose an hourly rate, most projects are bid by the job. Hourly on-site consulting is charged at $95.00 per hour. A non-refundable $125.00 “initial consultation” fee is required at the first meeting. In some cases a licensed landscape architect is advised. The rate for use of a licensed landscape architect is $95.00 per hour with a non-refundable $150 “initial consultation” fee required at the first meeting. Depending on the job, the initial consultation fee may be worked into the entire cost of the project.


An on-site custom design is well worth the money spent. Most people spend more time planning birthday parties and graduations than they do planning their living spaces. As a result, money spent on a home and landscape is wasted. We miss opportunities to entertain or enjoy the incredible quality of life here along the Central Coast to its fullest. That is where our professionals come in. When your custom design plan is done you will have a professional blueprint for action. In landscape design, this translates to three copies of blueprints ready for construction or installation. In interior design, it means sketches, notes and / or scale drawings directing the transformation of your interior. Both on-site services are described below.


The process of interior design usually takes about a month, depending on the scope of the job. Often designers are retained for installation whether a contractor is involved or not. The initial consultation for an interior design project is critical. This allows customers that are looking for “concepts” to interface with a professional and our professionals to gain background on the job. We also recommend that clients fill out our “Interior Design Survey & Questionnaire” prior to the visit. In most cases, it saves time and give the designer a clearer idea of what is desired ahead of the first meeting. The process usually goes as follows:

  • Complete Client Information & Survey Sheet
  • Initial Consultation – Interview / Contract / Visit / Meeting (1 hour)
  • Indoor analysis and measurement and photography of existing conditions as needed
  • Preparation of initial color, texture and materials program
  • Revision of preliminary color, texture and materials program
  • Presentation of finalized color, texture and materials program
  • Preparation of materials list (interface with contractor(s) if needed)
  • Meeting to present all finalized boards and materials list for approval by client (1 hour meeting)

Most interior design plans include a “story board” and “materials list” component. Sketches and formal plans are often included as well. The story board includes samples of recommended colors, textures and materials for indoor spaces. Given the diversity of an indoor environment, several boards can be created for a single project. The “materials list” provides a detailed account for what will be needed to make the ideas brought forward in the story boards work for given spaces. These two components can become critical when interfacing with a contractor involved in building or remodeling.

Each Interior Design Job (including initial consultations) must include a written contract.


The process of landscape design usually takes one to two months, from beginning to end, depending on the job. Most landscape designs have both “Hardscape Plan” and “Planting Plan” components. Hardscape plans can include patios, decks, ponds, boulders, retaining walls, edging, fountains, rock features, pathways and steps, and sometimes lighting. Our hardscape plans will specify the materials that the installing contractor will need to use. Planting Plans include a “palette” of plants designed into a project. The Planting Plan includes a list of the plants and their sizes to make it easy for the installing contractor to purchase and identify placement.

As with Interior Design, we utilize a survey and an initial consultation phase to gather important information about a client’s lifestyle and interests. The first visit is one hour and allows clients to share “concepts” and ideas that will drive the formal plans forward. The on site landscape design can vary depending on budget and the scope of the project. However, the process generally goes as follows:

  • Complete Client Information & Survey
  • Initial Consultation – Contract / Visit / Meeting (1 hour)
  • Site analysis and measurement of existing conditions as needed
  • Preparation of base plan of house or lot
  • Preparation of preliminary hardscape drawings
  • Presentation of preliminary hardscape drawings to client (< 1 hour meeting)
  • Revision of preliminary hardscape drawings as needed.
  • Presentation of finalized hardscape drawings to client (< 1 hour meeting)
  • Preparation of plant palette
  • Preparation of preliminary planting plan
  • Meeting to present preliminary planting plan to client (1 hour meeting)
  • Preparation of finalized planting plan drawings
  • Meeting to present all finalized drawings for approval by client (1 hour meeting)

Each Landscape Design Job (including initial consultations) must include a written contract.


McShane’s is without question one of the most experienced and diversified landscape design companies in the Greater Monterey Bay Area. Our team includes a wide array of professionals ranging from the drafting specialist to the Landscape Architect. Our designers are highly regarded for creativity, local knowledge, and quality of work. Even better, we have a full service nursery, home décor studio and landscape supply department where materials can be viewed and discussed in person. Consistently, we receive feedback that utilizing Design Services at McShane’s Nursery & Landscape Supply was much more cost-effective than other options available.

Most of our jobs are negotiated “by the job.” The fee charged is based on the number of hours involved in measurement, research, design and drawing. Often clients ask for a make-over or renovation of existing interiors or landscapes. This is completely possible and simply needs the evaluation of one of our professionals to determine if starting from scratch is more cost effective.

The “initial consultation fee” for a job is due at the time of the first site visit and / or meeting. Should a formal design contract be signed, a 50% deposit is required at the completion of preliminary designs. The remaining balance is due and payable upon completion and presentation of the final design and / or drawings. Any design or consultation above and beyond the agreement will be billed out at the published hourly rate.

e ask that all clients take the time to fill out one of our “Client Information & Survey” sheets. This saves time and allows our design staff to better understand the client and the goals they have for their spaces. We also ask that clients do their best to provide blue prints or site maps with measurements when possible. This saves time and money. In some cases, the builder or even the county will have plans and maps on record. If this is not possible, our staff is happy to include measurements and a plot plan in the scope of the work being done.

Once a design is completed by the staff at McShane’s Nursery & Landscape Supply, all nursery material and landscape supplies listed in the design are offered to the customer for a period of six months at the standard contractor discount for the project being designed only.


The team behind the Design Department at McShane’s Nursery & Landscape Supply has the breadth, depth and experience needed to provide exceptional design work. There is great importance placed on the right “marriage” between skills, personality and style with the right client. Below you will find a list of our staff and their biographies. Feel free to contact any of them for more information.


CINDA STEEN is a graduate of the Interior Design Department at the University of Minnesota and has over 25 years design experience. Cinda has a broad range of experience in all kinds of design ranging from new construction home or commercial to staging and special event preparation. She can be reached at or (831) 455-9020.


ANTHONY GONZALES is a graduate of Landscape Architecture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and has over 15 years design experience. His areas of specialization include deer-resistant and drought-tolerant designs. or (831) 455-1876 ext. 105.

TRACY PARKER is a graduate in Architecture from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She has over 13 years environmental design experience integrating site, structure, ecology, watershed and spirit. She is a certified permaculture designer and certified in rainwater and greywater collection design. Contact her at or (831) 236-6673.

MARION WEAVER is a graduate of the U. C. Berkely Extension Landscape Architecture Program and is a licensed landscape architect in the State of California. She has nearly 15 years of work experience and prides herself on her ability to create healthy, functional outdoor spaces with conservation of water and energy resources in mind. She is an accredited LEED Design Professional and can be contacted via phone on her cell phone at (831) 596-6664 or via email at: .

JON TROUTNER is a “Hardscape” Designer & Consultant. He has more than 20 years experience in the selection and application of natural stone, pavers & hardscapes. He is often a key consultant on large masonry jobs. He can be contacted at or (831) 332-0132.

KASEY TRANGSRUD is a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Landscape Architecture.  She is a landscape designer specializing in tight space gardening on a budget.  She is especially good with low maintenance landscape solutions that remain colorful and beautiful throughout most of the year.  Kasey also has experience with project administration and enjoys acting as interim between clients, contractors, suppliers, and all other parties involved in the creation process.  You can reach Kasey at or (408) 891-9498.  Her website can be found at:

Here at McShane’s, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of having a design put together for your indoor and outdoor spaces. Just having a plan will prepare you for a much better return on the investment of a home or commercial building. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us here at McShane’s by calling (831) 455-1876. Enjoy the greatest fulfillment your indoor and outdoor environments can deliver!

Find more information about design on our website:

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