Steve's Plant Diagnosis ProcedureSteve’s Plant Diagnosis Procedure

Bedding plants can provide some of your most enjoyable gardening. The quick growth, the sudden masses of color, and the ability to “redecorate” your yard each season is almost irresistible. Read More

How To: Succeed Against GophersHow To: Succeed Against Gophers

Gophers go through many stages when they are around. Having a Gopher problem? Here’s some tips on how to get rid of them Habits of the Pocket Gopher, Mating Season,Proper Bait, Finding the Tunnel, Covering them. Read More

Lawn GrubsLawn Grubs

Do you have Lawn grubs and mole problems? Beetle grubs are a major cause of lawn damage each spring and fall. Here you’ll find out what damage it may be causing or what months to help prevent this problem. Read More

Rabbit ControlRabbit Control

Need help trapping rabbits? Click here to learn about wild rabbits, their reproductive habits,rabbit control options and rabbit trap bait suggestions. These tips will keep rabbits from damaging your flowers, fruits, vegetables. Read More

Raccoons: Preventing & Solving ProblemsRaccoons: Preventing & Solving Problems

Raccoons can be found in all types of habitat. They prefer woodland and wetland areas, although, due to continuous urbanized they have had to adapt to city life. Here’s some ways to prevent them and how to solve your problems. Read More

Herbicide BasicsHerbicide Basics

The use of chemicals makes many of life’s little chores easier and more efficient. The price we pay for that ease and efficiency is the risk to our health and environment through the improper use of those chemicals. Read More

How To: Use Garden SprayersHow To: Use Garden Sprayers

Sprayers can be very useful tools for the gardener. They can also be frustrating and a challenge even for the most patient person. Read More

All About MolesAll About Moles

Moles are small mammals that spend most of their lives in underground tunnels and burrows. They are about the size of chipmunks (6-8 inches long) and weigh 3-6 ounces.Read More

Pesky Pesky “Wabbits” In The Garden

Spring can be an especially trying time for gardeners as families of rabbits devour the flowers faster than they can be planted. Rabbit populations are high, and the new foliage is much tastier now than later as it begins to harden off. Read More