Black Spot Resistant RosesBlack Spot Resistant Roses

Resistance to any disease is relative. Seasonal weather, localized conditions and cultural practices all influence black spot. One way to minimize black spot damage in the rose garden is to buy disease resistant varieties of roses Read More

Central California RosesHow To: Central California Roses

Looking to buy some roses? One of the most successful of all plants in Monterey County is the rose. Thanks to our mild climate and incredible soils, roses thrive and produce abundant flowers eight to nine months out of the year. Here’s some tips on maintain them. Read More

How To: Plant Roses From a Pot To SoilHow To: Plant Roses From a Pot To Soil

Dig a planting hole twice as wide and one and a half times the depth of the pot. Don’t know how to plant a plant a rose that’s in a pot to soil. Follow these instructions on how to do so. Read More


Here at McShane’s,we understand how important roses are. Are you looking for romance other then valentines day or your wedding? You can grow your own rose selection all year long.Read More

Root-of-the-Problem Rose ChartRoot-of-the-Problem Rose Chart

Having rose problems with Insects or diseases? A rose problem is almost always a reflection of the plant’s environment. Here is how you can fix your Roses if your having problems. Read More

Planting Guide For Roses in Plastic PotsPlanting Guide For Roses in Plastic Pots

Dont’ know how to pot plants in a plastic pot. Check this out. Dig a planting hole twice as wide and one and a half times the depth of the pot. Mix your soil (from the hole) with an equal amount of Gold Rush. Add 1 1/3 cup Master Start Fertilizer to the soil mix. Read More

Monterey Bay Area’s Easy RosesMonterey Bay Area’s Easy Roses

This list of easy roses for the Monterey Bay area was compiled by Chris Rabe. Read More

McShane’s Recommended Roses For FragranceMcShane’s Recommended Roses For Fragrance

Don’t know what rose to choose from that has the best fragrance in your garden check out this list of roses. Read More

Pruning RosesPruning Roses

Pruning does not have to be a daunting task for any rose grower. When roses are healthy and happy with their culture, they are very forgiving about pruning.Read More