Free Soil AnalysisFree Soil Analysis

Looking for a free soil analysis as a service? Soil is one of the most overlooked important factors effecting success in the garden. In Monterey County we have some of the greatest soil diversity in the world. Read More


Looking for several ways to improve your soil? Whether you’re growing plants in the ground or in containers, the soil you use is critical to good gardening. The soil in your backyard is one of the most important things to succeeding in the garden. Read More

Backyard CompostingBackyard Composting

How do I start composting? Information on how do so can be found here. Composting is nature’s way to recycle. It is the controlled natural decomposition of organic material, such as leaves, grass clippings, pruning,fruit and vegetable scraps. Read More

Using Compost in the Organic GardenUsing Compost in the Organic Garden

Composting is a natural and eco-friendly way to feed your garden. You can create rich, healthy soil for your organic garden by harnessing Mother Nature’s processes. Read More

Home CompostingHome Composting

Compost is the secret to a great garden; it is one of nature’s best mulches and soil amendments. Compost will help loosen clay soils and help sandy soils retain moisture. Using compost improves soil structure and texture which in turn improves plant growth. Read More

10 Easy Soil Tests10 Easy Soil Tests

What’s the secret to raising healthy, carefree vegetables and flowers? Great soil. How can you tell if your soil has what plants nee d? A soil test. When you send a soil sample to a lab, you get a detailed analysis of soil nutrients and you find out about deficiencies. Read More

Why Use Compost?Why Use Compost?

If you use compost, you c an save time and money. Compost improves low quality soils by adding organic matter and nutrients. Plants grown in good soil are healthier and have greater resistance to diseases and insects. Read More

How To: Get An Accurate Soil TestHow To: Get An Accurate Soil Test

Make sure you get the information you need to build healthy, organic soil. One of the best deals a gardener can get is a soil test, which is available to most North Americans through local cooperative extension offices or similar agencies. Read More

Soil Structure InformationSoil Structure Information

Although to the uninitiated, soil looks pretty much like, well, soil, from the gardener’s point of view it is well worth knowing a bit about soil’s actual composition. Read More