Common Palm Tree Deficiencies and TreatmentsCommon Palm Tree Deficiencies and Treatments

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Recycling Your Christmas TreeRecycling Your Christmas Tree

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How To: Grow a ProteaHow To: Grow a Protea

The term Protea refers to any member of the Proteaceae Family. The name is also indicative of it’s qualities; the protea was named after the Greek god, Proteus. Don’t know how to grow a protea Tree. Follow these steps to learn how. Read More

How To: Plant Trees and ShrubsHow To: Plant Trees and Shrubs

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How To: Grow A Japanese Maple TreeHow To: Grow A Japanese Maple Tree

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How To: Choose Pruning ToolsHow To: Choose Pruning Tools

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How To: Choose A Christmas TreeHow To: Choose A Christmas Tree

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Junipers! How do you know which are worth growing and which might cause you some problems? You could spend some time researching the subject and even try growing a few varieties if you had time. Read More